About us

In DEANITA we prepare 100% naturally cooked dishes, without additives or preservatives. We use exclusively local ingredients of the highest quality, which make our dishes a unique delicacy.

Our recipes are more than 100 years old and are cooked over a low heat, with care and dedication, as taught by my grandmother, Anita.

Within just a few minutes, you will be able to taste a high quality homemade product, with traditional flavors.

A little history

DEANITA was started in October 2017, as a family project dedicated to my grandmother Anita.

More than 100 years ago, Aunt Petra ran an inn in Mayorga, known as "El Parador De Petra". In a short time it became a reference stop for the fruit loaded cars of that time, which were travelling to the area of León. Aunt Petra offered accommodation and food, and soon became famous for her exquisite recipes, such as: legumes, potatoes with meat, garlic soups and pickled pigeon.

In the 50s, Anita (Petra's niece) took over the business with her husband Alfonso. It was then when they modernised and change the name to "Hotel Restaurante Madrileño"; They continued with Aunt Petra's dishes but also introduced new ones, such as roasted lamb or veal cooked in their natural juices.

Currently, four of her children, along with their husbands and wives, continue Anita's legacy; offering accommodation and preparing family recipes as well as incorporating new cutting-edge dishes.

About me.

In October 2017, the desire to keep this family tradition alive, coupled with my knowledge as a Bachelor of Food Science and Technology, lead me to start this project.


Here at DEANITA we strive to satisfy our customers in terms of healthiness, compliance with legal requirements set-out by the European Union and by national, regional and local laws. We work with professionalism and constant commitment and our only objective is improve for our clients. By ensuring our commitment to document, implement and maintain our HACCP system effectively, we are sure to provide a service full of total health guarantees.